Sarah Taylor CHRP

Senior HR Manager at Bruce Power

Lianti has worked with me on two major projects. Her high energy and professionalism enabled us to meet all project deadlines and her work ethic is second to none. I recommend Lianti to anyone who is seeking support in assessing areas in need of efficiencies and LEAN principles.

Johan Beneke

Manager Engineering and Operations at Ferrocarril del Oeste

Lianti was approached to develop a customer billing process for a start up railroad in South America. The requirement was for a complete end to end process that closed all gaps which could have resulted in a loss of revenue. She did the similar work for the same investors in a project in Africa. As was the case previously, outstanding results were delivered by Lianti.

Cori O’Grady

Project Manager at AER

Lianti and I worked together on three projects at Bruce Power. I was Project Manager and Lianti was Process and Change Management Lead. Lianti’s skill in drawing, from the customer, every detail required to design the best business process is amazing. No stone is left unturned. The end result is precise lean processes, easy to apply with minimal change implications. In addition to defining process improvement Lianti has a friendly; professionally supportive way of managing the customer through the change ensuring they are well informed and fully understand how the change affects each individual. It was a pleasure working with Lianti and I hope to have the opportunity again (soon)

Shelly Van den Heuvel, CMC, MBA

Director of Operations at Adventec Manufacturing Inc.

Lianti executes projects efficiently and effectively with enthusiasm and commitment. She brings Lean Thinking skills, professional approach, and a passion for excellence to all that she does.

Anne Halbert

Manager for Document Management, Bruce Power

I have had two opportunities recently to work with Lianti Muller as she leads us through the development of the Records Management Process Map. I wanted to pass on how very impressed I am with her skills. It amazes me how quickly Lianti can grasp the concept without having been involved in the Process, and manages to keep us on track when we begin wandering all over.

I find she asks excellent, probing questions that cause us to re-think our current practice. It’s been a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to more of the same as we move to the work flow stages.

Emery Huszka

Mfg. Supervisor, Dashwood Industries Ltd.

I just wanted to say thank-you for the wonderful Lean Mfg. training day that we had in December. The exercises certainly challenged us to look at the way we do our business in a very practical way. Lean makes sense, but when we worked through the exercises, the practical element drove things home. It was fantastic to see how my Charge Hand especially has embraced the thinking. I can tell you that she has implemented this way of thinking into her daily activity by her own motivation because it made sense to her. As a manufacturing supervisor, you’ve certainly helped make my job much better. I’m certain we shall cross paths again and I won’t hesitate to ask for your services again.

Shirley Garniss

Diamond Roof, Wingham, ON

I want to commend you on the Kaizen workshop that you put on in Wingham on Oct 4. The production person that we sent was very enthusiastic and the next day after conferring with the boss they reorganized the shop area incorporating a lot of the ideas learned at the workshop. We had often discussed improvements that needed to be made but the Kaizen system provided a good framework and gave the needed spark to get the job started. It was definitely worth the time and resources to send someone to the training session.

Andrew Blakey

Ray Twist, London, ON

Among other work for Ray Twist, Lianti has run two Business Process Improvement discussion workshops for our staff. As a facilitator she was excellent at keeping the group focused, creative and productive. More importantly her thorough planning and follow-up ensured that we got everyone involved in making real improvements.