Huron Solutions is a provider of  The Shadowmatch Behavioural Benchmarking Solution in Canada.

Shadowmatch Solution

The Shadowmatch Behavioral Benchmarking Solution & Services enable organizations to use powerful behavior-based insights to significantly improve and accelerate their team development, employee development, recruiting and talent deployment initiatives. Personality assessments and typical workforce management tools deliver very little information that organizations can use to effectively manage and develop teams or develop and deploy individuals for maximum success. Click here to read more…


Shadowmatch Team-Building Workshops

Shadowmatch gives you the ability to identify and predict the specific employee habits and behaviours that are responsible for your team’s success. Armed with these powerful insights, you can better build, manage, develop and deploy your teams and individual employees. What you will receive:

  • Facilitated 2-3 hour onsite team building workshop
  • Behavioural profile for each team member
  • Team benchmark of critical and collective behaviours
  • Report of how each individual compares to the overall team
  • Manager’s report of behavioural strengths within the team