Our Services

Huron Solutions offers a fresh look at your business, helping you to identify problem areas. We then help you to design and implement a holistic solution that will enable you to achieve sustainable operational excellence.

Huron Solutions uses a business model that incorporates all the “levers” to ensure successful implementation of changes to ensure Operational Excellence. For a presentation on our philosophy, click here.

Examples of services delivered:


  • Assisted organizations to define requirements for their processes
  • Facilitated the design of processes based on customer requirements, operational excellence principles such as Lean, Theory of constraints, Kaizen.
  • Enabled implementations that drastically improved organisational performance:
    • Recruitment process: Reduced the approvals required by 50%, activity steps by 32% and throughput time by 25%.
    • Organizational data management: Redesigned 16 processes to eliminate need for double-capturing, reduced and streamlined paper forms.
    • Supply chain redesign: Increased export of coal from 40,000 tons to 140,000 tons per month while reducing the number of rail-cars required from 1,700 to 720.
  • Developed detailed system specifications after designing streamlined rail operations processes.

Lead all change management aspects on projects, including planning, communication, training, updating various policies & procedures, as well as project transition back to line departments.

  • Team sizes: 6 – 12
  • Organization types: Corporate, small & medium manufacturing, not-for-profits, industry association
  • Project types: Turnaround / improvement; construction; change implementation; events
  • Program size: Achieved annualized savings of CAD12.4 million

Huron Solutions delivers learning opportunities tailored to your company needs, focusing on Operational Excellence, Lean / Kaizen . To see a list of workshops with a variety of durations and topics, click here.

Huron Solutions is a provider of The Shadowmatch Behavioural Benchmarking Solution in Canada. Shadowmatch gives you the ability to identify and predict the specific employee habits and behaviours that are responsible for your team’s success. Armed with these powerful insights, you can better build, manage, develop and deploy your teams and individual employees.
For more detail on this solution, click here.

Approved business plan for $500,000 expansion

  • Consulted to entrepreneurial companies in assessing and planning next steps to prepare for growth
  • Consulted to mature company in declining industry in developing a plan to embrace new technology and lean principles to ensure profitability and market gain.