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    Free workshop: Getting rid of square wheels with Lean principles

Free workshop: Getting rid of square wheels with Lean principles

Have you ever noticed how irritated you get executing some long-winded way of doing day-to-day work? It’s all too common that we just say, “it’s always been done like that”, and then carry on… never taking the time to reconsider how we’re doing the task.

For Huron Solutions’ 10th anniversary, we are inviting you to join us in taking the […]

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Wasting time with square wheels?

So many times the solution is right under our noses. But we are stuck in our old ways – the ways that we believe work best for us. We are so busy that we don’t see the waste around us and we don’t have time to listen to suggestions. I found this sketch in a presentation by Susanna Berg […]

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Southwest Agricultural Conference 2014 a success!

Despite the worst winter storm in 40 years up in Bruce, Huron and Perth Counties, and the coldest weather I have ever experienced,  SwAC 2014 still went ahead in Ridgetown and was a real success.  It was filled with information on the latest research and lively discussions.

I was invited to do a workshop on Lean Principles and how it […]

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Huron Solutions launches new website

Huron-Solutions-Logo-RGBThank you Clean Slate Studios for our great new website!  Please check it out and let us know what you think!

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