Have you ever noticed how irritated you get executing some long-winded way of doing day-to-day work? It’s all too common that we just say, “it’s always been done like that”, and then carry on… never taking the time to reconsider how we’re doing the task.

For Huron Solutions’ 10th anniversary, we are inviting you to join us in taking the time to save time through a free introductory 2-hour workshop.  This workshop will illustrate how Lean / Kaizen principles can help your business discover cost-effective solutions to address and get rid of square wheels!

The session will focus on identification of waste in those day-to-day processes and discuss some Lean tools suitable for any industry – be it general business, admin, manufacturing or even agriculture. Attendees will participate in some practical exercises to demonstrate these principles and the video “Toast Kaizen” will be viewed and discussed; along with the best next steps.

Book your space here through Eventbrite:

  • Friday Feb 28 in Goderich at 12 – 2pm:  link
  • Wed March 12 in Vanastra: 2 – 4pm: link
  • Wed April 30 in Cambridge: 5:30 – 8:30pm: link

Bring a friend, colleague or your staff along!